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The death of George Smith aboard a cruise ship on July 5th, 2005, is it another cruise ship suicide or foul play?

George Smith was an American man who, while on his honeymoon in 2005, was reported to have fallen overboard and drowned. Due to his remains never being located and the suspicious details of his apparent death the case remains unsolved.
George Allen Smith was born on October 3rd, 1978. At the age of 26 he had been helping his family run their liquor store in Cos Cob, Connecticut. Described as clean-cut and smart, George was planning to take over the running of the liquor store once he had married his Fiancé, Jennifer Hagel.
Jennifer Hagel was 25 in 2005 and was about to begin a job as a third grade teacher, she had studied and graduated from Roger William's university with a Masters in Education the year before.
The couple had married in June 2005 in what friends and family described as a the perfect story-book wedding at the Inn at Castle Hill, Newport, Rhode Island. For their honeymoon, the couple had decided to take a Mediterranean Cruise.
The Cruise Ship
The Cruise Ship that the newlyweds would be travelling one was the 'Brilliance of the Seas', the ship is a 90,000 Ton, 292 meter cruise ship operated by Royal Carribean Cruises and in 2005 was operating the Mediterranean route between Italy, Greece and Turkey.
With over 850 crew and capacity for more then 2,500 passengers on board, the ship is a large hotel complex at sea. The trip that George and Jennifer Smith elected to take was the longest of the trips offered at the time by the company, a two week round-trip that took in several stops in Italy, Greece and Turkey along the way.
The Events of July 5th 2005
The couple had boarded the ship with thousands of others in Barcelona, just a few days after their wedding in late June. They were said to be very happy and quickly made friends with some other couples, notably fellow honeymooners Paul and Galina Kvitnisky who described them as normal down to earth people who were great to talk to.
The Cruise Ship was travelling off the coast of Turkey on the night of July 4th. The Kvitniskys and the Smith's reportedly had dinner before going to the Casino around 1-2am on the morning of July 5th. The Kvitniskys later said that George was a competent gambler and with his Breitling watch and prosperous appearance he fit right in.
While at the casino George met up with a friend he had made on the trip named Josh Askin, he was teaching him to play craps and Josh's friends, cousins Zachary and Greg Rozenburg joined them with their friend Rusty Kofman. This was apparently interrupted when George noticed a cruise ship employee was getting close with his wife.
Witnesses later said that a Croupier named Lloyd Botah had been showing Jennifer a lot of attention as the night went on. A fellow cruise ship employee said that the nature of their relationship wasnt known to him but that what he had seen certainly went beyond professional boundaries.
When the casino closed at 2:30am, George, Jennifer, Lloyd, Josh, Zach, Greg and Rusty all headed for the disco, sitting at a table together the group had been reportedly drinking absinthe that had been smuggled onboard when George got into an argument with Lloyd Botah about his conduct around Jennifer. The argument reportedly moved to the dance floor and Jennifer and George had a loud argument infront of everyone before she kicked him in the groin and stormed out of the disco.
Lloyd Botah then left to follow Jennifer while a clearly drunk George was helped back to the table by the others. Shortly after the men were seen helping an unsteady George out of the disco. The 5 men walked back to George and Jennifer's Stateroom but when George saw that Jennifer wasnt there he became annoyed and set off to search for her, the other men later said they waited in the room until George returned and the men continued to drink.
Clete Hyman, the man staying in the room next to George and Jennifer, reported that there was loud noises coming from the room next door around 3am, he later explained it sounded like a party or loud card game and had reported the couple previously on the trip for making a racket.
Josh Askin, Greg and Zachary Rozenburg and Rusty Koffman all claim they left George alone in his room shortly after this complaint was made, Clete Hyman says he saw only three men leave the room at that time through his peep hole.
Clete Hyman said he had then tried to return to bed but within a few minutes heard a loud thud, assuming someone had knocked something over or drunkenly collapsed he went to sleep.
Jennifer Smith was found passed out drunk and lying in a hallway in another area of the ship by several crew members and was helped back to her room around 5am, she said that George wasnt there and she slept for a few hours before then waking in the morning and going to a spa despite not knowing where he was.
When questioned later about this lack of concern for her husband, Jennifer explained that they had both slept in other staterooms at different times on the trip so she had assumed he had spent the night somewhere else.
Before she had finished her massage at the spa, Jennifer Smith was paged over the ships intercom and summoned to her Stateroom. Blood had been found smeared on the canopy of a lifeboat that lay beneath the rooms balcony by a passing passenger and the ships captain had wanted to check that neither her or her husband had been injured.
It was at this time it was discovered George was no longer onboard the ship and the alarm was raised.
Jennifer Smith was taken ashore along with Josh Askin and they were both questioned by Turkish police within 24 hours of George's disappearance. Jennifer was found to have an alibi though it wasnt made public what this was other then the moment the crew members found her passed out in a hallway around 5am.
Josh claimed that he and his 3 companions had returned to their rooms and ordered room service before staying up to watch tv, the Turkish police found that while calls had been made around the time they said, no food was recorded as having been delivered to them.
Josh then reboarded the cruise ship to continue the journey while Jennifer immediately flew back to the U.S. It was 48 hours later that George was declared likely drowned at sea, his remains were never found.
Josh, Greg, Zachary and Rusty were all expelled from the cruise ship several days later when they allegedly raped a female passenger and taped it on a camcorder they had with them. The Italian Police investigated this and once they reviewed the footage declared that no rape had occurred and the men and their families were put on a flight home.
George's family arrived in Europe by the end of the week, appearing on tv appealing for information and passing out flyers to cruise ship passengers, they criticised openly at the time Jennifer's actions in flying home so quickly and not returning with them. Jennifer and George's family both stated at the time that they believed George had been murdered.
Later Developments
George's family found Jennifer becoming more distant and argumentative with them as the months went by, they said that she once became angry that they had used a cropped photo of George with Actress Tara Reid instead of a photo that included her for missing posters and badges.
In 2006 the Family hired a private investigator, the investigator claimed they had information that indicated a video tape existed showing Jennifer having sex with other men prior to the night of George's disappearance, this tape failed to be located but some in the family have alleged it is in the possession of Royal Caribbean Cruises.
Josh, Greg and Zachary later appeared on Geraldo Rivera and maintained the same story they had already told, Rusty didnt appear.
In late 2006, Jennifer Hagel accepted a $1.1million settlement from Royal Caribbean Cruises, this was far beyond the legal required amount of $70,000 at the time. George's family criticised Jennifer for accepting the money and took her and Royal Carribean to court over the amount of money and the circumstances of the settlement, they alleged Jennifer was trying to avoid details of sexual affairs that occurred onboard during the cruise being made public. Jennifer stated shortly after receiving the settlement that George likely died as a result of a drunken accident.
The FBI became involved shortly after George's disappearance and began a lengthy investigation which found evidence that the Turkish Police had missed. Blood stains were located inside the cabin as well as on the balcony above the lifeboat canopy. Most telling for the investigation was that the blood stain on the canopy was in the distinctive shape of a man, an unusual thing to be found in accidents on cruise ships, typically little blood is left when someone falls from a cruise ship at sea but this seemed to suggest George had already been bleeding badly when he had landed on the canopy and then had slipped off into the sea.
The FBI investigation officially ended in 2015 finding they couldnt rule in the case in any way and returned an open finding. George's family immediately began petitioning the courts to refer the case to a new jurisdiction in order for it to be investigated.
George Accident
George was heavily intoxicated according to witnesses and cctv from the cruise ship on the night of July 5th, it is possible like in many circumstances of deaths on Cruise Ships that he had stumbled over the Balcony railing and to his death before eventually sliding off of the canopy and into the sea. This is disputed by his family but supported by the accounts of Josh, Greg, Zachary, Rusty and Jennifer.
George Suicide
George may have been despondent about Jennifer leaving the Disco with Lloyd Botah on the night of July 5th, once he was alone in the stateroom and began to sober up he could have been overcome with grief at the failing of his marriage and considering the alleged other sexual partners she had on the trip likely had become depressed and jumped from the balcony, in the dark he may not have seen the canopy below and lay there injured or dead for some time before falling from it into the sea.
George Murdered
George may have gotten into an altercation with whichever of the men had remained behind on the night of July 5th, Clete Hyman has said only 3 left but never publicly identified who he didnt see leaving. George may have been attacked or robbed by the man who stayed behind only to die and then be thrown from the balcony in an attempt to cover up the crime.
It has also been alleged that he may have gotten into an argument with Jennifer due to her whereabouts not being publicly known while the Turkish Police have said they were satisfied her movements had been accounted for.
Lloyd Botah had also been suggested as a suspect in the case as he and George had already almost come to blows earlier that morning, his whereabouts on July 5th after leaving the Disco have not been made public.
Regardless of the circumstances of his murder, Georges family supports the theory he met his end through foul play and people close to him that night have answers.
Jennifer Later Developements
Jennifer later went back to being known as Jennifer Hagel, left the search in 2007 and went to work at the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research in New York. She then moved to Fairfield, Connecticut to work with Near and Far Aid, a non-profit that supports the homeless.
In 2009, Jennifer Hagel married Jeff Agne, a Financial Advisor who worked in Global Healthcare Equities for Pinebridge Investments. The couple went on to have three children as of 2015, Jennifer's family said they couldnt be happier that she has moved on with her life.
The Death of Greg Rozenburg
15 years after George was lost at sea, Greg Rozenburg was murdered on the doorstep of his home by an unknown perpetrator or perpetrators. Police in Davie, Broward County, Florida said in September of 2020 that they hoped their continued investigation into Greg's death might reveal more about George's.
George Smith's case remains unresolved, it has torn family and friends apart and set different jurisdictions investigations at odds with each other. Without his remains being found it's unlikely a satisfactory conclusion could ever be reached in this case.
What do you believe happened to George Smith on July 5th, 2005?
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Photo of Bloodstained Canopy below balcony
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Slots are among players’ favorite casino games and that barely surprises anyone familiar with the great diversity these offer. From themes to features, every slot is unique and casino fans can enjoy a different gambling experience every time they play a different slot game. MegaSlot Casino offers a remarkable amount of slots that come with a cinematic quality of the graphics and rewarding cash prizes.
Deadwood, Sakura Fortune, Book of Fortune, Tombstone, Legacy of Dead, Golden Fish Tank, Dragon Kingdom, and the Dog House are just a small sample of the titles you will come across in this section. Even if 3-reel slots are more to your liking, you will certainly find the title that most appeals to you.

Table Games

When it comes to table games, we cannot say that MegaSlot Casino has a lot to offer. There is a tight number of some of the most emblematic casino table games, and more precisely roulette, blackjack, and poker. Roulette Royal, American Roulette, European Roulette, 21 Burn Blackjack, Lucky Blackjack, European Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Turbo Poker, and others are included in the casino’s selection of games.
The games included in this section feature flexible bet sizes, making wagering on table games more than available. Assuming that you are an avid table player, you might be a little disappointed with the casino’s selection of table games. On the bright side, reel spinners who enthuse over adding spice to the entire mix can try one of the table games’ variations and hope for Lady Luck smiling on them.

Video Poker

Even though MegaSlot Casino offers just a few titles of video poker, casino fans will find some of the game’s most popular variations such as Aces and Faces, American Poker V, Deuces Wild, Joker Wild, and several more. Players should be informed that they can find the available video poker games listed in the Table Games category. The reason why so many casino devotees still enthuse over this somehow old-dated game is that it requires not only luck, but also strategy. What is more, it has higher returns compared to slot games.

Jackpot Games

Players who are craving for life-changing cash prizes will certainly appreciate the nice selection of progressive jackpot games MegaSlot Casino offers. Some of the titles you might find interesting include Bounty of the Beanstalk, Rainbow Jackpots, the series Age of the Gods, Leprechaun’s Luck, A Night in Paris, Glam Life, Charms and Clovers, Jackpot Rango, and Reels of Wealth. You will certainly not be disappointed with the huge choice of titles included in the Jackpot Games Category.

Live Casino

In case you would like to enjoy an authentic casino atmosphere without leaving the comfort of your home, you should try the live dealer games included in the casino’s portfolio. Having in mind that the casino collaborates with one of the leading software companies specialized in developing live dealer games, and more precisely Evolution Gaming, we can safely state that the live dealer suite you will find at MegaSlot Casino will impress you.
NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and some more are the other software providers that are responsible for the casino’s unsurpassed selection of live dealer games. From classic variations of roulette, blackjack, and poker to the latest releases such as Evolution’s Lightning series and game shows, MegaSlot Casino has it all. This somehow compensates for the lack of table games.

Special Games

Players who are trying to find a way to spice up their gambling experience would be interested in learning that MegaSlot Casino offers some special games such as bingo and scratch cards. The titles you will come across include Scratch’Em, Happy Scratch, Frogs Scratch, Gold Coins, Rainforest Magic Bingo, Sweet Alchemy Bingo, etc. We must note that this virtual casino features a good-enough number of scratch games that come with interesting cash prizes. These fast-paced games will certainly get you rid of the monotony and provide you with an unforgettable gambling experience.
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Licensing and Regulations

Security is always one of the biggest concerns online players have. MegaSlot Casino understands why so many casino enthusiasts refrain from indulging in their favorite pastime and for that purpose, the operator is providing a high level of transparency. The casino operates under a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the company that owns this gambling site has years of experience in this industry.
As a company that adheres to the law, players from certain jurisdictions such as France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, Gibraltar, Jersey, the Czech Republic, and others are not allowed to create accounts at MegaSlot Casino. It is important to mention that NetEnt’s games are not available in some countries due to the software provider’s license.
The games offered at this virtual casino run on the random number generator algorithm (RNG) that is regularly tested by a third auditing agency. In that sense, the results of all games are based on pure chance.
To further cement its strong positions on the market, it seems that the casino is an advocate of responsible gambling. The casino employs various self-reliant strategies to help players at risk tackle the problem.
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Customer Support

MegaSlot Casino boasts 24/7 customer support. To make sure you are in safe hands when playing at this virtual casino, we tested the customer care department whilst writing this review. Based on our experience, the customer support agents from the live chat are more than competent to assist you. What is more, the representatives will provide you with an answer in a prompt manner.
You can get in touch with the customer support department by sending an email at and the representatives will get back to you within 24 hours, even though in most cases it takes just a few hours to have your questions answered. Unfortunately, casino enthusiasts are not provided with the opportunity to directly speak to a casino representative over the phone, but that disadvantage is compensated by the presence of a detailed FAQ page.
A quick link to the FAQ page is available at the bottom of the casino’s homepage. Prior to contacting the customer support department, you can check the information included on this page as you might find some extra details next to the answer to your question.
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MegaSlot Casino pays close attention to its gaming catalog that is comprised of high-quality products developed by top software companies. In addition to that, the casino’s main goal is to provide its players with a safe gambling environment where they can enjoy their favorite games without taking the risk to be deceived. For that purpose, all the important information regarding the casino’s licenses is placed at the bottom of its main page.
As a virtual casino that aims at pleasing players’ various preferences, the operator employs a plethora of payment solutions that are reliable and trustworthy. On top of that, players’ sensitive information is safeguarded by sophisticated encryption systems, so all payments are processed in a risk-free manner.
MegaSlot Casino will certainly become one of the top gambling sites in a flash thanks to its customer-oriented approach. As a disadvantage, we might note that the wagering requirements associated with the Welcome Bonus are a bit too high.
On the other hand, these apply only to the bonus funds, unlike many other online casinos where the total value of the bonus and the deposit is subject to the playthrough. To conclude this review, we would like to say that we consider this online casino an excellent choice for both seasoned and novice players.
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New and Leaving HBO: December 2029

Starting December 1:
  1. Astro Boy (2009)
  2. Æon Flux (2005)
  3. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)
  4. Bolt (2008)
  5. Barnyard (2006)
  6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)
  7. Cars (2006)
  8. Chicken Run (2000)
  9. Despicable Me (2010)
  10. Doctor Strange (2016)
  11. Doom (2005)
  12. The Expendables (2010)
  13. The Expendables 2 (2012)
  14. The Expendables 3 (2014)
  15. Fame (2009)
  16. For Love of the Game (1999)
  17. Flushed Away (2006)
  18. Free Birds (2013)
  19. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)
  20. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
  21. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
  22. Happy Feet (2006)
  23. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)
  24. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996)
  25. Ice Age (2002)
  26. JCVD (2008)
  27. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
  28. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
  29. The Longest Yard (2005)
  30. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010)
  31. The Last Airbender (2010)
  32. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)
  33. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007)
  34. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013)
  35. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)
  36. The Nut Job (2014)
  37. Over the Hedge (2006)
  38. The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002)
  39. Planes (2013)
  40. Planes 2: Fire and Rescue (2014)
  41. Puss in Boots (2011)
  42. Rio (2011)
  43. Ratatouille (2007)
  44. RoboCop (Extended Version) (1987)
  45. RoboCop 2 (1990)
  46. RoboCop 3 (1993)
  47. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)
  48. S.W.A.T. (2003)
  49. Shark Tale (2004)
  50. TMNT (2007)
  51. Up (2009)
  52. Van Helsing (2004)
  53. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
  54. The Wild (2006)
  55. WALL-E (2008)
  56. Zootopia (2016)
Starting December 6:
  1. Aquamarine (2006)
  2. The Big Green (1995)
  3. Brother Bear (2003)
  4. D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)
  5. D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)
  6. Finding Nemo (2003)
  7. Finding Dory (2016)
  8. Freaky Friday (2003)
  9. Frankenweenie (2012)
  10. George of the Jungle (1997)
  11. Godzilla (1998)
  12. Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)
  13. Independence Day (1996)
  14. The Incredibles (2004)
  15. Incredibles 2 (2018)
  16. Jumanji (1995)
  17. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)
  18. The Mighty Ducks (1992)
  19. Monsters, Inc. (2001)
  20. Monsters University (2013)
  21. Old Dogs (2009)
  22. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
  23. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
  24. The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004)
  25. Toy Story (1995)
  26. Volcano (1997)
  27. Wild Hogs (2007)
Expiring December 12:
  1. xXx (2002)
Expiring December 29:
  1. The A-Team (2010)
  2. Bad Boys (1995)
  3. Bad Boys II (2003)
Expiring December 31:
  1. 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
  2. Avatar (2009)
  3. Agent Cody Banks (2003)
  4. Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004)
  5. A Lego Brickumentary (2015)
  6. Bambi (1942)
  7. Bambi II (2006)
  8. Blade (1998)
  9. Blade II (2002)
  10. Blade: Trinity (2004)
  11. The Care Bears Movie (1985)
  12. Casino Royale (1967)
  13. Casino Royale (2006)
  14. Deja Vu (2006)
  15. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
  16. Eragon (2006)
  17. Fantastic Four (Extended Version) (2005)
  18. The Fast and the Furious (2001)
  19. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
  20. Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
  21. The Golden Compass (2007)
  22. G-Force (2009)
  23. Hop (2011)
  24. Hostel (2006)
  25. Hostel: Part II (2007)
  26. The Honeymooners (2005)
  27. Inspector Gadget (1999)
  28. Jaws (1975)
  29. Jaws 2 (1978)
  30. Jaws 3-D (1983)
  31. Jaws: The Revenge (1987)
  32. Jingle All the Way (Extended Version) (1996)
  33. King Kong (2005)
  34. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)
  35. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)
  36. Moulin Rouge! (2001)
  37. Men in Black II (2002)
  38. Mission: Impossible II (2000)
  39. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
  40. My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
  41. Never Back Down (2008)
  42. Night at the Museum (2006)
  43. Norm of the North (2016)
  44. Paycheck (2003)
  45. Peter Pan (2003)
  46. Quantum of Solace (2008)
  47. Resident Evil (2002)
  48. Rush Hour 2 (2001)
  49. Sky High (2005)
  50. Spider-Man (2002)
  51. Spider-Man 2 (2004)
  52. Strange Days (1995)
  53. The Spy Next Door (2010)
  54. Twister (1996)
  55. Taxi (2004)
  56. Underworld (2003)
  57. Valkyrie (2008)
  58. X-Men (2000)
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[EU-PT] [H] OVER 800 PS1/PS2 Games - Drakengard, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Point Blank and more.. [W] PayPal, Bank Transfer[email protected]/albums/72157715276319253
Unfortunately I have to sell my game collection due to some urgent issues. Hard for me to say goodbye, but I have to. I'll leave a Flickr album here with pictures of all the games.
I'm asking for 5150€ for the entire collection, no game will be sold separately.
This is a honest collection from a game enthusiast. Shipping cost can be discussed.
EDIT: Games are mostly PAL, some are NTFS
EDIT 2: added list of games!
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*Potential Spoilers* Daniel Craig Bond Grief Theory

I recorded my thoughts on this for a podcast a couple weeks back, but that episode won't be out until closer to November because of the new movie's delay, so I wanted to get this out somewhere and see what everyone's thoughts are...
So I was re-watching Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace recently and it occurred to me that this whole run (the Daniel Craig Bond films specifically) might actually represent the Five Stages of Grief!?
At first, I shrugged it off as ridiculous, but then I started to notice things. For starters, there's now 5 films with the new one - which is set to be Craig's last and each film is tied together by an overarching narrative. (Also, if someone beat me to this years ago, I wouldn't be surprised.)
1 - DENIAL (Casino Royale)
Most of the Bond movies are full of death obviously (after all, the protagonist has a License to Kill and he uses it constantly), but this one is different in that it actually opens with Bond making his first two kills, one of which is super gritty and really adds some weight to it.
The first movie in Daniel Craig’s series, "Casino Royale" is all about deception, which makes sense as a spy movie, but this one really plays up that angle of it. Not only that, but Bond himself is also struggling to find his place in the world. He's not quite the Bond we know and love yet and hasn't quite accepted who he is.
This theme of deception, and self-deception is present throughout the movie and highlighted by the poker game. Even during the (hard to watch) torture scene, Bond is playing it off like he's not in incredible pain.
Then, when he falls in love with Vesper towards the end, he rejects his role as a 00 agent, he sends in his resignation and he decides now that he's saved the world, he's going to just go off to Italy and live happily ever after. He's lying to himself.
Bond's even convinced himself that Vesper is innocent. Meanwhile, Vesper herself is in denial. She convinces herself that she might actually be able to be happy for a brief moment, but when she sees the man with the eye patch in Venice, she realizes that she too has been lying to herself and she embraces her death, because she knows that there's no running from her past.
Further proof comes at the end when Bond denies he had feelings for Vesper when he tells M, "The bitch is dead." It's clear that at the end of the movie, he hasn't yet dealt with her passing, which is understandable. He's not heartless, he's hurting, and (according to the trailers) he's still dealing with this loss by the time you get to "No Time to Die".
2 - ANGER (Quantum of Solace)
Right off the bat, “Quantum of Solace” picks up where “Casino Royale” left off. The entire movie is basically Bond out for revenge for the death of Vesper.
Throughout the film, we get A TON of frantic action scenes and brutal kills. Both Bond and Camille are haunted by their past, they haven’t dealt with their grief and their parallel stories are about overcoming the burden of that anger.
Instead of dealing with his grief, Bond instead decides to fully throw himself into the job of hunting down Quantum (and killing every lead along the way). Bond basically goes rogue and at one point, M even orders a kill or capture order against him!
Bond isn’t sad over Vesper’s death, he’s pissed and it shows. This is further reflected in the massive fiery explosion that burns Greene’s facility to the ground.
At the end of the film, in the final scene, we see Bond taking one step closer to acceptance. The fact that the movie ends with the gun barrel sequence sort of signifies that he’s now the cool and collected Bond we’re all familiar with.
3 - BARGAINING (SkyFall)
The cold open in “Skyfall” ends with Bond facing his own mortality.
We next find Bond drifting aimlessly in a drunken stupor, bar hopping in the Caribbean, and once again not facing his past in a healthy way. He’s once again teetering on the edge and toying with the idea of leaving MI6 and pursuing a normal life. Unfortunately, it’s just not in the cards for 007 when Silva makes his appearance on the scene.
According to the Kubler-Ross model of the Grief cycle, this third stage of bargaining is a struggle to find meaning, to make sense of it all – telling one’s story. Well in this case, this actually applies to both Bond AND Silva. Bond is struggling to find meaning (more so than usual), and as a former MI6 agent, Silva is also trying to find meaning – he survived when he should’ve died and now he’s blaming M, instead of dealing with his pain – he’s deflecting it and making others suffer in his stead.
When Bond does finally return to duty, he’s not the same. His hands are shaky, his age is showing and he’s just not psychologically ready to handle the mission at hand, but M pleads her case to her superior (a bargain if you will). Throughout the movie, Bond is in a sort of limbo. He doesn’t fit in civilian life, but he’s beginning to feel a little rusty in this new age of digital warfare. The entire time he’s trying to prove himself, he’s pleading his case that he’s still relevant, he’s bargaining.
When Bond tries to enlist the help of Sévérine, he tries to bargain with her, when Silva attempts to convince Bond to join him, he’s bargaining with him, when M and Bond try to lure Silva to SkyFall, in the hopes that he falls into their trap, their taking a chance – a bargain. Even Bond and Moneypenny’s flirtation seems like bargaining.
In the end, M bargains by trading her life for Bond’s, in order to defeat Silva.
“SPECTRE” opens with the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. Right away there’s a sense of dread and loss hanging over the film (especially in the title sequence!). At this point, Bond has lost so many people – M, Mathis, Vesper, his parents, etc It seems that anyone he gets close to is bound to cross over without him.
The closer Bond gets to this secret organization, the more desperate and hopeless the situation feels. It gets worse the more he peels back the layers of this elaborate conspiracy and it seems that his whole life is a lie, that he’s not in control of his own destiny, that there’s a puppet master pulling the strings on this tragedy. Bond is forced to once again confront the loss of Vesper who he never really got over. As the movie gets darker, (tonally and stylistically) Bond is finally forced to confront this dark secret of his past, his long lost brother, who is revealed to be “the architect of his pain”.
Make not mistake, Bond is depressed in this film.
All his quippy one-liners and cool gadgets seem somewhat hollow this time around (and I don’t know if it was just that Daniel Craig just was feeling a bit fatigued at the time). As most people who’ve experienced depression firsthand can tell you, it often masks itself very well. Everything feels fine on the surface, but when you really take a closer look, you start to worry about Bond, like he’s having a mid-life crisis. Rather than Bond’s usual formulaic flings, car chases, and vodka martinis – this time around, it almost feels like a cry for help. Despite acting all business as usual, this is a Bond who is really hurting and trying to find the light in the darkness, or as Mr. White puts it, he’s “a kite, dancing in a hurricane”.
BUT instead of the usual explosive final battle between Bond and his arch-nemesis, this one actually ends in an unexpected way – Bond decides to not give in, he doesn’t succumb to Blofeld’s psychological manipulations, and he beats him through sheer will power! He’s no longer going to let this darkness control him.
At the moment of decision, Bond decides to walk away from vengeance, from all that sorrow and pain. Instead of proving Blofeld right, instead of killing him for what he did to those he loved, he lets the law step in and make that call. He leaves MI6 and for the first time in the history of the franchise, we get to see a Bond actually retire from the service. He drives off into the sunset, with the girl, in pursuit of that happy ending he so desperately sought after in “Casino Royale”.
It ends with a glimmer of hope.
If “Casino Royale” was an origin story, it seems like with this one, we’re finally getting a “One Last Mission” style finale for this era of Bond. Everything seems to be shaping up for this film to be an amazing finale and it seems that thematically, it would only make sense for this series to end with a resolution of some kind.
Will Bond finally come to peace with Vesper’s death, will he finally be able to forgive himself?
I guess we’ll all find out when “No Time to Die” hits theaters this April November!
(Sorry about the length! Let’s discuss!)
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King Billy Casino 200 Free Spins and $1500 or €1000 Bonus

King Billy Casino 200 Free Spins and $1500 or €1000 Bonus

King Billy Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Get 200 free spins on Starburst, Fruit Zen, or Book of Dead at King Billy Casino! Plus, get a €1000 and $1500 free bonus after deposit.
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King Billy Casino Review

King Billy Casino is a budding hub for world-class gambling experience. You might be tempted to mistake its “new kid on the block” status to mean less engaging gaming content, fewer payment options and inefficient customer support but you would be definitely wrong.
On the contrary, King Billy is truly a king in the providing its punters with a royal-like online casino gaming experience. The casino enjoys a top-rated status in the industry thanks to its fine collection of games, numerous payment methods and very responsive customer support amongst other benefits. The casino as developed and top professionals with renowned reputations and massive experience in the gambling industry.
The future looks quite bright for this promising casino, owing to its current success rate when compared to rivals some of which have been around for decades. You might think of it as a powerful king that enters new territories, conquers and forces them to pay allegiance to him. Visualize that and you get the kind of run that King Billy Online Casino is giving its competitors for their money.

King Billy Casino Slots

King Billy Casino understands that slots are the favourite for many of its gamblers. For that reason, the casino partners with the providers of slots that include Betsoft, Endorphina, iSoft, Microgaming, Pragmatic, NetEnt, and Amatic. If you don’t know, these are the big guns in the online casino industry known for their great skill in weaving and rolling games that punters couldn’t ask for more.
The casino is home of the greatest titles that punters love. You can be sure to find all your favourite titles will be found here plus so much more that you can’t possibly exhaust. Plus, the casino does a good job at expanding their library of games such that there is always something new to keep busy those that love exploring new stuff. Regardless of what you are looking for, the collection at King Billy casino is above fold and all you have to do is to browse around to unravel a world of endless funny.

Collection of Games at King Billy Casino

There is a rich collection of games at King Billy ranging from baccarats, roulettes in its variants. You also have the option of strolling down the virtual aisle and come meet the legendary poker games as well as blackjack. Poker aficionados have the privilege of taking on Los Pokeristas and while blackjack enthusiasts can take on Blackjack Surrender. Other examples of poker include Oasis, Caribbean and Hold’Em.
Live games lounge are also impressively developed. The titles here include Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack. If you are into live games, there is your chance to boogie live and get the most out of your time and money.
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Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

You can navigate to the casino’s account page to find the payment methods that re accepted at King Billy Online casino. But here is quick run through what you need to know on the same. The most popular payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, Trustly, BTC, Bank Transfer, iDebit, Neteller, Yandex.Money and QIWI amongst other options.
One thing that you will love about King Billy’s payment methods is that you are not bound to the “same way in-same way out” requirement which is quite common in the other casinos. Additionally, the casino uses state-of-the-art SSL digital encryption technology. SSL is the best and most effective option that guarantees utmost security for all online transactions.

King Billy Casino Bonuses and Promotions

If there is something that will get you excited about King Billy online casino is its promotional packages. The casino’s promotional pack works on a 4 bonus scheme that apply for your first 4 deposits. The bonus offers are awarded in the 100%, 50% 25% and 25% order for every deposit of €1000. With that, King Billy is casino also gives you an additional 200 free spins. That’s massive, right? That’s just part of what you get for a being a loyal gambler at this great kingdom.
Besides the welcome bonus pack, there are a couple of other promotions that ensure that you get a wholesome gambling experience. For instance, the Extra Weekend bonus is tailored to ensure that your weekend is full of fun and even runs late into Monday. Also, the Spin & Win promotion gives punters a daily quota of free spins while the King’s Gift awards punters with a 7-13% cashback on all the losses on Thursday. However, the cashback bonus promo only applies to VIP players.

Welcome Bonus Package 200% up to €1000 (or $1500) + 200 Free Spins

  • 1st Deposit bonus – 100% up to €200 + 200 FS: 20 FS daily (max win €20) (Starburst / Fruit Zen)
  • 2nd Bonus – 50% up to €200 (bonus code: WELCOME2)
  • 3rd Bonus – 25% up to €300 ((bonus code: WELCOME3)
  • 4th Bonus – 25% up to €300 (bonus code: WELCOME4)
  • 7-13% (Duke- 7%, Prince – 10%, King – 13%)
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Final Thought

King Billy Online casino is truly royal as it offers a seamless gaming atmosphere that is typical of numerous bonuses, a large variety of games, responsive customer support and many effective banking options.
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(OFFER) List, CA/GP, Disney/Marvel (REQUEST) Jumanji 2 4K, Jojo Rabbit 4K, Lists

I try my best to respond to all offers. If not, either life got in the way or I'm thinking about an offer, apologies if I am not able to respond.
Always on the lookout to add to my collection with older titles but I may have most common ones already.
Please list what you want, don’t just link to your list.
4K films
Google Play CA - ports to US MA
Redeems in US accounts and should port over to MA.
Google Play CA/UK - does NOT port to US MA
Titles are redeemable in US accounts but will stay locked in US GP and won’t port over to US MA. All titles are CA unless labeled as UK.
TV Shows
4k films/new releases
Queen & Slim 4K
Monsters Inc 4K
Monsters University 4K
A Bug’s Life 4K
Wall-E 4K
Up 4K
Moana 4K
Princess and the Frog 4K
Zombieland Double Tap 4K
Yesterday 4K
Jojo Rabbit 4K
Abominable 4K
Ready or Not
The Good Liar
Art of Self Defense
The Last Black Man of San Francisco
American Gangster 4K
Hellboy 2004 4K
Waterworld 4K
Law Abiding Citizen 4K
20th Century Women
Once Upon A Deadpool
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Infinitely Polar Bear
Obvious Child
Rick and Morty Season 1
VUDU credits (valuing at 60%)
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Royal Caribbean Cruise Vlog Part 2 - Hard Rock casino and ... Ever Wonder What A Casino Looks Like on a Royal Caribbean ... Casino Royale onboard Royal Caribbean promotion video ... Royal Caribbean Club Royale offers from URComped Talking Comp Cruises and Casino Royale Rewards with Royal ...

Now Hiring Laundryman. Wash, dry, and iron clothes and linens on board. Join our team! 30 Jobs at Royal Caribbean Group 30 Jobs sorted by: Relevance. Relevance; Title (A-Z) Title (Z-A) Company Name (A-Z) Company Name (Z-A) Date Posted (Newest to Oldest) Date Posted (Oldest to Newest) Distance (Furthest to Closest) Distance (Closest to Furthest) Sign up for job alert emails Don't See What You're Looking For? Create an account . to receive job recommendations and notifications ... A free inside look at Royal Caribbean Group salary trends based on 36 salaries wages for 31 jobs at Royal Caribbean Group. Salaries posted anonymously by Royal Caribbean Group employees. 2 Royal Caribbean Group Casino jobs. Search job openings, see if they fit - company salaries, reviews, and more posted by Royal Caribbean Group employees. Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE: RCL) is a global cruise vacation company that owns and operates three global brands: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. We are a 50% joint venture owner of the German brand TUI Cruises, a 49% interest in the Spanish brand Pullmantur and a minority interest in SkySea cruises. 11 Caribbean Casino jobs available on Apply to Surveillance Operator, Catering Manager, Life Enrichment Manager and more! Our Casino Royale has a reputation of a little bit of Vegas, a little bit of Monte Carlo, and a lot of Royal Caribbean fun! Every one of our amazing cruise ships features a high energy casino with table games including blackjack, poker, roulette and more, as well as a wide variety of slots and other gaming excitement. These areas are only part of what makes our casinos the best; our lively ... 12 Casino Caribbean jobs available on Apply to Surveillance Operator, Chief Engineer, Life Enrichment Manager and more! Casino Dealer Description: We are currently searching for Casino Dealers to join our team! This position has a six month onboard contract. Successful candidates will be considered for regular Casino Dealer assignments based on their successful performance. Forget Las Vegas and let Royal Caribbean make the entire world your playground. Join our ... Casino Jobs Casino Cashier for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Casino Cashier for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Reference: PCK97-3534_1584617359 Published: May 20, 2020 Recruiter: V.Ships Leisure Category: Casino Jobs Position: Casino Cashier Salary: not specified. We are looking for Casino Cashier with a minimum of 2 years experience in: - cash handling with a customer contact position within the ...

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Vlog Part 2 - Hard Rock casino and ...

This video commercial produced when I worked onboard Royal Caribbean ship as a Broadcast technician. Just to get this out of the way -- this isn't a paid ad for Royal Caribbean! Often times as gamblers we want to see what slot machines are available inside t... A look at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. And then my first day on the Oasis of the Seas! This ship is just amazing!#royalcaribbean #cru... Royal Caribbean's Jon Wamba, Casino Alliance Manager, and Julie Balbuena, Manager Casino Rewards Program, join Craig Shacklett, CEO of URComped, to talk abou... Craig Shacklett and Cale Sherry, URComped CEO and CTO, visited With Royal Caribbean’s Director of Casino Alliances, Jon Wamba, to discuss our NEW Club Royale offers! ️ Check out June offer ...